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Our Mission

The Campbell School was established in the year 2002. Its mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool and K1 program in an atmosphere of security, warmth, acceptance and encouragement. The Campbell School is dedicated to maintaining a learning environment designed to enrich all students by meeting their unique educational and developmental needs.

The school is fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through the Department of Early Education and Care. Located on the corner of Blue Hill Avenue and Decker Street, the school has a daily capacity of seventy-eight children. The children range in age from 2.9 years through 6 years old.

The Campbell School provides a prepared learning environment where each child is free to act and develop along the lines of his or her own inner direction. Teachers guide and encourage the preschool child to develop skills, which lead toward communication and self-confidence.

A child’s imagination grows individually, and at its own pace, while also functioning as part of a group. Therefore, various modes of creative expression through art, drama and music are an integral part of each school day. Science experiences, which help the child to understand the world around him or her, are regularly presented. Opportunities for children to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually are a regular, integrated part of each and every day.

The role of the teacher is to understand each child as fully as possible. An effective and beneficial function of the teacher is primarily that of observer. While observing, the teacher is always ready to guide and direct the child’s efforts to teach himself. In this way, the young child learns according to his or her own individual needs and capabilities.

Overall, our curriculum is designed to develop the child’s readiness skills. We wish to provide continuity and stability, which is essential for children at this age. Our role is to recognize each child’s individual gifts, and to nurture, love, and support in a congenial environment.

In addition, we strive to maintain a sound parent and teacher relationship of mutual respect and trust. Scheduled conferences may be requested at any time to discuss a child’s school experience and progress. Also, since parents drop off and pick up their children from the classrooms, they are encouraged to interact with teachers daily.

The Campbell School came to be through a unique and wonderful collaboration of dedicated, caring, committed individuals who believe in the value of a developmentally sound educational program that embraces tolerance, acceptance, love, humor, kindness and diversity. The children, parents, teachers and administration of the Campbell School are family. As family, we strive daily to fulfill the promise each child brings to us and to the world.