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The goal of The Campbell School’s K1 class is to provide an atmosphere where children are excited about learning and are actively involved in the learning process. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation by helping students to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and values necessary to succeed.

The K1 class provides an environment rich in learning experiences, where children are encouraged to explore and interact with materials and other classmates.  Their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn are encouraged and fostered.  Activities are based upon the needs and interests of the students as well as a recognition that children develop and learn at different speeds and in different ways.  Developmentally appropriate activities with lots of concrete, hands-on materials and experiences allow children to progress at their own pace.  An integrated curriculum, where projects and themes based on the children’s interest are woven throughout the language arts, math, science, social studies, music and art content areas, provides an enriching educational experience. Our classroom is a busy, productive and energetic place!

The K1 focus on teamwork and sense of community furthers the children’s social and emotional development. Children test and explore social relationships as they form friendships and learn appropriate ways to interact with peers and adults. Empathy, respect and cooperation are stressed in everyday activities. Children are given responsibility for classroom routines, problem solving and independent work.  They develop a sense of independence but also learn to work cooperatively in a group.