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Toddler Class

The Toddler class helps our youngest students acclimate to life in a supportive structured environment while creating a nurturing setting where children can become attached to their new teacher caregivers. These early relationships are key to development and building trust. Hugs and high fives are essential.

The Toddler class begins with free time for children to move about the room enjoying different play areas including instruments, arts and crafts, puzzles, blocks, dramatic play, house-keeping and tools, as well as sensory materials. Children then sit in a circle for our daily welcome song and themed lessons such as the “color of the week” or “forest animals”. Outside play and snack are opportunities for building self-help skills which are a major part of the toddler curriculum. Children learn how to put on their own coats, take turns, wash hands, drink out of cups, and many other skills. Stations of play allow children to try new activities which aids in developing interests and skills. While toddlers primarily play independently, the class supports group socializing, learning about classmates, and teaches empathy through the “sharing is caring” philosophy.  Teachers engage children in fun activities and check in with parents frequently to maintain a dialogue on developmental milestones and care.